"Ellie" the Overcomer

Meet “Ellie”, an 18 month old lab mix who suffered from fear and insecurity. She has had a hard time meeting new dogs and was displaying some signs of aggression. She entered Collective K9′s Day Train Program, and on her first day has shown tremendous improvement. She will be at the dog park in no time. She also likes to come to our Socialization Class on Thursdays here at the training facility. Good work Ellie!

Meet "Riley" - One of "Annie's" Pups


Meet Riley, our newest Board and Train enrollee here at Collective K9 Dog Training. Riley is a rescue from a local shelter where his family, the Reed's, found him. He was one of “Annie’s” puppies if any of you remember the story. Riley is over excited and at times aggressive toward other dogs. His family knew he could be helped by our pack of dogs here at the training facility. We just began working with Riley, so check back for periodic updates. Look at that face!


Miss "Lola" the Great

Lola’s owner came into Collective K9 one afternoon to discuss her somewhat unruly and possessive pit mix.  She was contemplating adding a new dog to the pack at home, but was unsure of the success they would have because of Lola’s issues.  Lola was “owning” the owner, so to speak.  Our trainers decided to travel to Lola’s home and see her in her own environment, which proved to be interesting.  Lola was constantly guarding the windows, running from window to window barking excessively at passersby.  She was ignoring her owners pleas to stop.  Cheri and John enrolled Lola in our Day Train Program where she will work on her anxiety and dog aggression issues with our training staff.  We will also travel back to the home as a culminating activity to see the progress she has made.  Keep up the good work, Miss Lola the Great!