Mabal's Wonderful Journey

Mabal, a 3 year old German Shepherd, is one of our newest members enrolled into Collective K9′s Board and Train Program. Mabal has severe dog aggression as well as people aggression. Owner, Donna, was at her breaking point, constantly living in fear and unable to trust due to her dog’s extreme reactivity. Mabal has been through many trainers that had made many promises, but none produced results in Mabal’s behavior. Donna was referred by her father, a Dog Control Officer, that had witnessed Collective K9′s amazing results first hand. Because of Mabal’s amazing story, a rehabilitation documentary is now being filmed, taking you from beginning to end in the rehabilitation process. Please show your support to Mabal, Donna, and Collective K9 by “liking” us and following Mabal’s amazing story on Facebook.  Pictures below are of Mabal’s extreme dog aggression.


Mabal's Journey Began Here:  Mabal was integrated into a small pack of dogs for the first time with no issues or sign of aggression.  She is following other dogs and inquiring information.  We will continue to challenge her mind with new dogs, while increasing her overall confidence.  Great job Mabal, keep it up!

Mabal (German Shepherd) and Kipp (Black Lab) both suffered from extreme dog aggression issues. At this stage in rehabilitation, reactivity is extremely reduced and two dogs that once would have fought, now share a space together in full relaxation. This is when rehabilitation is most rewarding. This job is not yet completed, but we are moving forward strong. It was quoted by a local trainer recently that dog aggression could not be changed and that our program (Collective K9) could not possibly be effective. Seeing is believing, this is why our company motto is “Making the Impossible, Possible”.

Today, we worked with a pack of six dogs. Mabal is looking more relaxed in the pack with no signs of aggression. Tomorrow we add 6 more dogs ( pack of 12 ) to challenge the brain and make sure the rehab given has made all the connections to maintain success in the real world scenario. I love this dog and I am very happy with her progress over the last few weeks. Her anxiety and fear has lowered dramatically and this will make her a much better dog long term.

When Mabal came to Collective K9, she was demonstrating severe people and dog aggressive behaviors, causing her owner to live in a constant state of fear and panic about what Mabal might do. Donna, Mabal’s owner, simply wanted to be able to take walks at regular hours and be around other dogs and people. One of Donna’s other desires was to bring Mabal to work with her because she works at a local doggy daycare where Mabal could socialize and spend the day with Donna and other dogs. We worked with Mabal over the course of a month or so to rehabilitate her fears and insecurities. Donna was a wonderful support throughout this process and came to our facility throughout the latter part of Mabal’s training. The trainers showed Donna how to position herself as pack leader so that Mabal could achieve success after leaving Collective K9’s rigorous program. Mabal came to stay with us here at Collective K9 as a member of our Board and Train Program, where trainers worked with Mabal on a daily basis doing exercises with Mabal to increase her confidence around new people and other dogs. We had the opportunity to introduce Mabal to a pack of dogs here at our facility where we could monitor her reactions and work with her to overcome her issues. Mabal, although a large German Shephard, was insecure and over excited around new dogs and people. These underlying factors led to aggressive behaviors. Once Mabal went through our rigorous rehabilitation program, Mabal was able to make the connection that other dogs and new people did not represent a threat to her security. As a culminating activity, Mabal was able to take a field trip to Donna’s work and meet a number of new dogs and people successfully!