Protection and Executive Dog Training by Collective K9:

We specialize in developing protection dogs and executive working dogs who are also highly sociable and will not only rise to the occasion when you need protection, but will also do well around children and public areas.  Each of our protection and executive dogs are given the same elite level of training as a police dog with great drive, focus, impeccable nerves and a clear head.  What makes us different is that our canines are raised in-home and around a family environment and trained in public areas.  This gears them for people who desire an ideal companion dog that can also be relied upon to protect your family and business as soon as the need arises.


Protection Dogs currently for Sale:



  • Great stud dog
  • Good with kids
  • Animal friendly
  • Perfect obedience and protection off-leash
  • Titled in KNPV
  • Registration FCI / AKC


  • Holland import
  • Good obedience and protection dog
  • Great toy drive
  • Good with kids
  • Great nerves and stability.


  • Holland import
  • Off leash protection and obedience dog
  • Good with kids
  • Great toy drive
  • Good under gunfire
  • Titled in KNPV PH1